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Yann Hedoux joins Falck Executive Management

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Yann Hedoux joins Falck Executive Management

Yann Hedoux, managing director of Falck LATAM and the subsidiary Grupo EMI, has joined Falck Executive Management team as of 1 January 2020.

In recent years, Yann Hedoux and Grupo EMI has continuously shown the ability to deliver primary healthcare and ambulance services to communities in Latin America in a subscription model whilst applying the latest technologies to serve customers and effectively manage daily operations.

Now, Grupo EMI becomes a new fifth business unit under the name Community Healthcare, and Yann Hedoux will join the Falck Executive Management team as SVP of Community Healthcare.

CEO and President Jakob Riis says:

“The end of 2019 marks the completion of Falck’s turnaround and the positioning of Falck for future growth. Our agenda is expanding globally to include development of our customer base and our commercial capabilities within contract- and subscription-based emergency response and healthcare businesses. Under Yann Hedoux’s leadership, Grupo EMI has successfully managed to expand its customer base and to improve financial results, whilst maintaining a high level of employee engagement. I look forward to welcoming Yann on the ExecMan team.”

Prior to joining Falck, Yann Hedoux was in directive positions in the areas of marketing, organisation, operational excellence and core operations with Groupe Carrefour/Promodes. He also worked in areas such as M&A and business development in Latin America, South Africa and Eastern Europe. In 2007 he joined Grupo EMI as president and since 2011 he has been leading Falck Latin America as managing director.

Community Healthcare will operate as a Falck business unit of its own alongside Ambulance, Assistance, Healthcare and Fire.

For further information, please contact Falck’s Communications Department on tel. +45 7022 0307.


Falck is a leading international provider of ambulance and healthcare services. For more than a century, Falck has worked with local and national governments to prevent accidents, diseases and emergency situations, to rescue and assist people in emergencies quickly and competently and to rehabilitate people after illness or injury.

Falck operates in 30 countries and has approximately 30,000 employees.


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