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​Falck renews contract in Eastern Zealand

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​Falck renews contract in Eastern Zealand

A new 8-year agreement has been made after long negotiations

For many years Falck has been a supplier of fire and rescue services in Greve, Høje Taastrup, Ishoj, Vallensbaek, Solrod and Stevns - in recent years through Østsjællands Beredskab (OESB, the local emergency management). Now Falck has entered into a new 8-year agreement on solving the fire service in the six municipalities.

“We are very pleased with the new agreement. It has been a long time coming, but we are very satisfied with the result, and we look forward to be continuing the task in cooperation with the rest of the emergency services,” fire director at Falck, Max Andersen says.

“In everyday business, we have a close and good cooperation with OESB, where we succeed in using what the parties do best individually, but also doing what we do best together. We have, for example, seen this in the field of education, where we plan and organize fire training together and thereby gaining better firefighters who know each other and can use each other regardless the logo on the helmet,” Max Andersen explains.

“This collaboration has also been instrumental making the new agreements in a good and constructive manner, which has ensured that Falck as a supplier can deliver the quality and safety of the agreement."

The agreement provides safety and robustness
The chairman of the Emergency Commission in OESB, Pernille Beckmann, signed this new agreement with her mayor colleagues this week. The task has been in tender since the beginning of 2017, when only Falck showed interest in the task. Now after one and a half years of negotiations this has resulted in an agreement to satisfy all parties.

"We have reached the requirements set for the contract both financially and quality-wise and of course we are happy to succeed, even though it has taken a long time to achieve this," chairman of the Emergency Commission and mayor of Municipality of Greve, Pernille Beckmann says.

“We are facing a major task in years to come settling OESB and at the same time establish new smaller emergency units in the area. The agreement with Falck means that we can guarantee citizens and businesses a safe and robust emergency management during this transition period, which is our most important task,”says Pernille Beckmann.

The agreement comes into force on 1 February 2019. When OESB is settled, each of the new emergency response units can bring their part of the agreement.

For Municipality of Køge, the existing agreement with Falck has been extended for another two years.



Falck is a leading international provider of ambulance and healthcare services. For more than a century, Falck has worked with local and national governments to prevent accidents, diseases and emergency situations, to rescue and assist people in emergencies quickly and competently and to rehabilitate people after illness or injury.

Falck operates in 35 countries and has more than 32,000 employees.


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