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​Falck public fire enters another 10-year contract in Denmark

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​Falck public fire enters another 10-year contract in Denmark

Northwest Jutland Fire Service and Falck have entered into a new long-term agreement.

The joint municipal company Northwest Jutland Fire Service, which covers Holstebro, Skive, Lemvig and Struer Municipality, has awarded Falck a new 10-year fire extinguishing contract. 

“With this new contract, we have chosen to continue the good and trusting collaboration with Falck. Over the past year we have assessed whether we should establish our own fire service in the three municipalities or continue the cooperation with Falck. We are pleased to have reached an agreement that makes it attractive for both parties to continue the cooperation.

We look forward to continuing the good cooperation in ensuring a strong and well-functioning emergency response in the Northwest Jutland Fire Service to the benefit of the citizens in the four municipalities,” says Erik Flyvholm, board chairman in Northwest Jutland Fire Service.

30 years of trust and cooperation

“We are very pleased that Northwest Jutland Fire Service has chosen to enter into a new 10-year fire extinguishing contract with Falck, largely based on the mutual trust and constructive cooperation we have had for 30 years. We are proud and humbled that a new contract has been signed and will do everything we can to develop our cooperation with Northwest Jutland Fire Service to the benefit of the citizens of the area, "says Falck Fire Chief Thomas Dietz.

"The contract negotiations have been characterized by mutual trust, responsiveness and not least development on the equipment side including vehicles and new fire extinguishing equipment. The working environment of our employees has also been taken into account. This has always been a focus of the Northwest Jutland Fire Department, and it is a focus we can only be pleased with,” says the fire chief.

CEO of Northwest Jutland Fire Service Claus Bo Nielsen has great expectations for the continued cooperation with Falck. He is especially pleased with the agreement's increased focus on development and the employees' working environment. Together with Falck's management, Claus Bo Nielsen will visit the eight affected fire stations in the near future and inform the staff about the new agreement. 


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