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Tough Falck employees feature in documentary on National Geographic Channel

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Tough Falck employees feature in documentary on National Geographic Channel

A group of extraordinary roadside service officers from Norway is the focus point of a new documentary series produced by National Geographic Channel. The series is called “Heroes of the Winter Roads” (“Vinterveiens helter”) and has recently premiered across Europe.

Falck in Norway has helped produce the series, which displays the many challenges of working in snowy, mountainous surroundings. Roadside services is hard work in any part of the world and under any set of circumstances, but here in Norway the going is particularly rough.

The Heroes of the Winter Roads among other things have to deal blizzards, smugglers and boats disappearing in the deep and icy Norwegian fjords.

The chilling series is set to run for 10 episodes on National Geographic Channel across Europe and in parts of Africa during the fall, and possibly in North America premiering at a later date.




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