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Falck’s crisis team returns from Brussels

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Falck’s crisis team returns from Brussels

Since the bomb attacks on Tuesday, Falck has followed the situation in Brussels closely. We have continuously evaluated the situation, and now after two days, we see a declining the need for Falck’s presence in the Belgium capital. Therefore, the crisis team will leave the city this evening.

The team has since its arrival in Brussels on Tuesday assisted a significant number of Scandinavian travellers. The assistance has mainly revolved around of coordination of transportation out of Brussels, medical and psychological assistance and answering enquiries related to infrastructural safety.

“It feels really rewarding to have been here helping people in Brussels in this vulnerable situation. No matter the kind of assistance, everyone has been happy with our help, which is the most important for us”, says Camilla Rautell, Senior Assistance Coordinator in Falck and one of the deployed team members.

During the last couple of days, Falck's crisis team has worked closely together with the Scandinavian authorities and organisations in Brussels to reach a large number of Scandinavian travellers and expatriates and help as many as possible.

Traveller safety and advice
The situation in Brussels is still tense. Some public transport services are up and running, but major delays are to be expected. Brussels Airport is still closed.

All travellers and expats in Brussels should to follow the guidelines provided by the governmental crisis centre in Belgium

  • Be observant and obey to instructions of the Belgium authorities
  • Make sure to carry travel documents and identity papers at all times
  • Because of the attack, there is an increase in demand for outbound flights and trains for the next few days. If you already have a booking, please contact your travel provider to confirm your reservation
  • The Belgian Crisis Centre has given the Belgian telephone number 0032 2753 7300 for concerned family/friends or 1171 for general enquiries
Reactions may occur after return
The next couple of days many travellers will return to their home countries. In the time to come, it is very important to know the reactions that may occur upon a dramatic incident.

“When people experience a dramatic incident like the blasts in Brussels on Tuesday, it is perfectly normal that people react to what they have experienced. This is a step in the process of understanding what has happened. You may behave differently; more prone to crying, more irritable or restless. Use your family and friends and share with them your thoughts and feelings,” explains Alf Ingesson-Thoor, Chief psychologist in Falck and one of the deployed team members.

Contact information to Falck Global Assistance’s 24/7 emergency response centres

Sweden +46 8 5877 1717
Denmark +45 7025 0405
Norway +47 2149 2415




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