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Falck has entered the Swiss Emergency-market

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Falck has entered the Swiss Emergency-market

Falck has partnered up with the Swiss Emergency Medical Services (EMS) company Käch AG, which is the extracted Emergency Medical Services-business from Heinrich Käch AG. In addition, Falck has partnered with the company, a provider of qualified transport services to hospitals in the Swiss canton Bern.

Acting CEO of Falck’s Emergency business Poul Mortensen explains that the decision to enter the Swiss market is to be seen in the long-term perspective for Falck.

“Before initiating a search for a partner in Switzerland, we have conducted a detailed analysis of the current market situation and the potential development. Based on this assessment, we believe the out of hospital care sector is facing a significant change in the upcoming years. We expect a relevant growth in out of hospital care services”, Poul Mortensen says.

There are currently no tenders yet in Switzerland, but the politicians have shown interest for future tenders. As the Swiss Emergency market is quite fragmented, Falck sees the partnerships with Käch AG and MoPi as a positive opportunity to optimize the services for our customers.

“We have partnered up with Käch and MoPi with intentions to expand further in Switzerland. In the short run, we will continue to establish the current business and use this as a base to grow organically, likely supplemented with further acquisitions. Finally, we are also working on new innovative service products”, Poul Mortensen says.



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