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Falck enters partnership with IFC and IFU in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan nations will be the focus for the joint venture within primary and secondary health care services for the growing middle classes.

Falck is pleased to announce the partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC) – part of the World Bank Group – and the Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Investeringsfonden for Udviklingslande, IFU). The partnership combines IFC’s and IFU’s extensive local knowledge and capabilities with Falck’s operational expertise within primary and secondary health care clinics.

“Sub-Saharan Africa has a population of 800 million people, and the region has shown significant growth rates in the past decades. The demand for primary and secondary health care services has increased correspondingly, however, affordable clinics offering appropriate quality are still missing in most areas”, says Executive Vice President in Falck Emergency, Hans Jensen.

“We expect that over time this partnership will enable Falck to establish a strong foothold in the region – to the benefit of all parties including the local communities”, Hans Jensen adds.

The joint venture will either establish its own new operations (greenfield) or invest in existing companies providing primary and secondary health clinics/hospitals. The joint venture has already identified a number of opportunities, and the parties expect to complete the first transaction in 2016.

“IFC is proud to help bring Falck’s global expertise in health to Africa”, says Global Manager for Health and Education in IFC, Elena Sterlin. “We expect Falck to have a tremendous impact in Africa by improving access to good health services in places that desperately lack quality care.”

“Access to primary and secondary health care services has huge importance for people’s life and we are pleased that we can assist Falck in getting these services across to people in Africa”, says Tommy Thomsen, CEO, IFU.

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