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Falck continues global expansion

Falck’s Annual Report for 2013 shows revenue growth of 9.0% to DKK 12.5 billion, mainly generated in the current business, where organic growth accounted for 7.7%. The share of Falck's revenue generated outside Denmark continued to increase and was 53.4% in 2013, up from 51.6% in 2012.

Falck continued its international expansion in 2013 and now has activities in 43 countries on six continents, and the number of employees increased by more than 4,000 to 32,009 at year-end 2013.

EBITA for 2013 was DKK 1,112 million, up from DKK 1,083 million in 2012. As compared with performance in 2012, the development in 2013 was negatively affected by exchange rate movements and the implementation of a number of additional growth initiatives consistent with Falck’s growth strategy.

"We were pleased to see that also in 2013, Falck successfully used its experience from the collaboration with the Danish public authorities in the fields of ambulance and fire-fighting services to develop its global activities," said Falck CEO Allan Søgaard Larsen while expressing his gratitude to Falck’s employees.

“Falck’s skilled employees save lives, fight fires, change tires, relieve aching pain, teach people to take care of themselves and others, and generally help making our fellow human beings all over the globe feel safe and secure. Every day they live Falck’s values, and this year – as well as the previous years – they have made an enormous contribution to Falck’s development,” said Allan Søgaard Larsen.

Performance in 2013 in Falck's four business areas:


Falck consolidated its position as the world's largest international ambulance service provider and the world's largest international fire-fighting operator.

In Denmark, Falck won contracts to continue to provide pre-hospital services in the Danish Central Region.

In Germany, Falck acquired the country's largest private ambulance company, G.A.R.D., with 1,000 employees.

In the United States, Falck won market share as a result of a number of new contracts for ambulance services and patient transportation.

And in Australia, Falck established a presence through the acquisition of a company which provides ambulance services, fire fighting, medical clinics and safety training for the mining, oil and gas industries.

In the field of fire fighting, Falck expanded its presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America and won contracts for industrial fire services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.


Falck is the largest provider of assistance services in the Nordic region to car and home owners.

Subscribers in Denmark benefited from Falck's new roadside service concept with specially trained rescue officers to date operating 60 specially equipped vehicles to provide car repairs on the spot, ensuring that subscribers can quickly continue their journey and avoid repair-shop visits.

And, in both Norway and Denmark sales of Falck Alarm were strong. Falck Alarm is a product that not only protects against burglary, but also warns of situations such as flooded basements, fire or gas leaks.


Falck is Denmark's largest private provider of healthcare services while also helping companies and organisations in Norway and Sweden keep their employees and citizens healthy.

In Denmark, Falck expanded its healthcare network, which now includes about 1,000 treatment providers – more than two million people in Denmark are covered by Falck healthcare services.

Coverage also increased in Sweden, where 1.6 million people can now draw upon Falck healthcare services.

In the Northern Jutland Region in Denmark, Falck started operating two public-sector community medical centres, and the municipalities of Taarnby and Dragør entered into a partnership with Falck to help people on sick leave get back to work faster.

Safety Services

Falck is the world's largest provider of rescue and safety training for the offshore industry, providing training for more than 300,000 course attendees in 2013, a 33% year-on-year increase.

In Mexico, Falck opened a new training centre, and it established a presence in Canada by acquiring a local provider of training services.

Falck also provides safety and security courses for the wind energy industry, and in this field growth was achieved at the training centres in Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Falck also established additional wind training facilities in the Netherlands and began building an additional wind training centre in Belgium.

Falck’s Annual Report 2013




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