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Crisis Team Returns From Paris

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Crisis Team Returns From Paris

During the last days, Falck has followed the situation in Paris closely. We have continuous-ly evaluated the situation, and the need for Falck’s presence in Paris is declining. There-fore, the crisis team Falck sent to Paris on Saturday has now has left the French capital.

Since its arrival on Saturday, the team has assisted several Scandinavian travellers and organisations by providing information, advice and initial crisis aid. The acute phase has passed and nature of people’s enquiries has changed. Because of this, we are now re-turning to our usual set-up where travellers via their travel insurance can contact our 24/7 emergency response centres for assistance, e.g. crisis counselling.

The situation in Paris is still tense. The police has arrested several people during the last couple of days. Further investigations continue with the same intensity in the following days. The country is still declared in state of emergency but the national borders are open. Heightened security is expected to remain in place in the coming days across Paris, as well as nationwide.

The airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly are operating normally but the French government has requested additional security checks at the airports for both inbound and outbound flights. Delays are to be expected at control points due to the reinstatement of controls.

Traveller safety and advice

Travellers, who are now in Paris or about to travel, should consider the following advice:

  • Be aware of, and respect local sensitivities over the latest developments.
  • Increased security measures, follow-up operations, and security alerts in the coming period are likely to cause delays and disruption in transport services, es-pecially in – though not exclusively – Paris.
  • Allow time for travel and if travelling by air, for check-in procedures.
  • Ensure you have travel documents on you at all times for ID checks.
  • There is likely to be an increased demand for outbound flights and train services in the coming days as a result of the latest incidents. For those with existing bookings, contact your airline to reconfirm them.
  • Keep abreast of and observe official instructions.
  • Additional security alerts could result in the evacuation or an area or building at short notice; follow official instructions.
  • French authorities have a number for people looking for missing loved ones: +33 (0) 800 40 60 05. There is also a special number for tourists: +33 (0)1 45 55 80 00

Contact info for Falck Global Assistance’s 24/7 emergency response centres:
Denmark +45 7025 0405
Norway +47 2149 2415
Sweden +46 8 58 771 717

Where to seek help after homecoming
Your general practitioner can help and support as well and advise you on the possibilities of crisis relief, e.g. psychological counselling.

Other authorities and organisations to contact for help are:
Health portal, Falck Healthcare
Psychology in the Capital Region of Denmark

Emergency treatment services

  • Oslo: Storgaten 40, +47 2293 2293
  • Bergen: Psykiatrisk legevakt, Solheimsgaten 9, +47 5556 8700

Kirkens SOS: + 47 22 40 00 40,
Mental Helses hjelpetelefon: +47 116 123,

Swedish police
+46 771 14 14 00,
Care Guide for health advice
+46 771 11 77 00,
On duty priest: +46 18 474 50 32



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Global Communications

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