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Falck restructures its Safety Services

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Falck restructures its Safety Services

The rescue and safety group Falck is restructuring its business division Falck Safety Services. The move is in response to the global crisis in the oil and gas industry.

Falck Safety Services provides safety training services to off-shore staff from the oil and gas industry. The low oil and gas prices mean that oil and gas companies have significantly reduced their off-shore headcounts and thus also the number of staff sent for training at the Safety Service training centres.

Falck’s Group CEO Allan Søgaard Larsen calls the restructuring necessary given the current situation.

“We have to reduce our costs further, both for managing the business division and in the countries where Safety Services operates. Moreover, our strategy must be further adapted to the new conditions prevailing in the oil and gas industry”, said Allan Søgaard Larsen.

As part of the restructuring, the CEO of Falck Safety Services, Peter Svarrer, will be leaving Falck. In addition, it has been decided to decentralise the sales functions. As a result, the CCO of Safety Services, Bent Dyhre Hansen, also leaves his position with Falck.

Bo Uggerhøj has been appointed acting CEO of Falck Safety Services. He is also chief executive of Falck Assistance. Until the restructuring process has been completed, he will make up the management of Safety Services together with the CFO of Falck Safety Services, Lizette Kjellerup, and acting COO Torben Harring.

“During his eight years with Falck, Peter Svarrer has contributed to developing the division from a number of training centres into a strong division of Falck with focus on growth, expansion and development that has established Falck Safety Services in largely all the markets that have off-shore oil and gas fields. I would like to express my respect and gratitude for Peter Svarrer’s work for Falck”, said Allan Søgaard Larsen.




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