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Falck pays fine of DKK 30 million in competition case from 2014-15

Press release   •   Dec 13, 2019 09:57 UTC

Earlier this year, Falck accepted a ruling by the Danish Competition Council that the company had violated the Danish competition rules five years ago in connection with the transfer of an ambulance operation contract in the Region of Southern Denmark to a competing provider.

Today, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and SØIK (the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime) have announced a fine of DKK 30 million. Falck accepts the fine.

According to the new and more strict competition rules, the fine could be in the range of DKK 20-1,300 million.

In their assessment of the fine, the authorities have attached importance to the fact that Falck has cooperated with the authorities, and that Falck has paid compensation to the Region of Southern Denmark, the Dutch owners of BIOS and the bankruptcy estate of BIOS, which includes around 500 minor creditors.

In June 2019, Falck reached a settlement with the parties and paid DKK 152.5 million for the parties’ losses.

Falck CEO Jakob Riis, said:

“In 2014-15, Falck acted in a way that was unacceptable and which we will never repeat. Since then, we have worked to ensure that something like this will never happen again, and we have paid for the losses that the parties suffered. The matter has cost the company dear and it should never have happened.

At Falck, we live from the trust of our customers and users. Not only trust in the fact that we will come when we are needed, but also trust in that everything we do is in order. The announcement of the fine ends the matter formally. For Falck, this will always be a reminder of something we will never do again.”

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