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Falck Healthcare appoints new managing director

Press release   •   Nov 15, 2018 12:02 UTC

Anette Damgaard is appointed new managing director of Falck Healthcare. She assumes the new responsibilities in addition to her current role as head of Falck Healthcare in Denmark. Anette will report to Falck Healthcare’s board of directors.

Chairman of the board of directors of Falck Healthcare and CEO of Falck, Jakob Riis, says:

“Since joining Falck in February this year, Anette Damgaard has diligently worked to turn around our Danish healthcare business. It is still challenged but today we have clarity of the issues and a strong plan to sustain and improve Falck Healthcare in Denmark.”

“In the Nordics, we provide healthcare programmes covering more than 3 million people. Our business is based on the strength of our individual entities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway but over time, we do see synergies in integrating our businesses more. Anette Damgaard and her Nordic management team will unfold this potential to ensure our Nordic leadership and to continue developing a business that delivers great value to its customers, best-in-class treatments to clients and is a great place to work.”

High standards
Over recent years, Anette Damgaard has worked with Falck Healthcare as a customer and provider. Prior to joining Falck in February, Anette Damgaard has been director of Danish private hospital Mølholm, director of law and health with the pension companies PFA and Skandia as well as head of healthcare politics with the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Anette Damgaard says:

“Falck Healthcare has played a crucial role in developing the high standards for employee healthcare programmes in the Nordics. Our strong market position reflects that. From here, we need to sustain and continuously strengthen a business that supplements the public health care systems, and continue the data driven development of fast and measured interventions for work-related health problems.”

Anette Damgaard takes on her new responsibility as of today.

About Falck Healthcare
Falck Healthcare provides healthcare programmes covering more than 3 million people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The company operates under the Previa brand in Sweden where it is the largest occupational healthcare provider with more than 1.1 million healthcare subscribers. In 2017, Falck Healthcare provided more than 1 million muscular and psychological treatments.

Falck Healthcare’s customers are insurance companies, pension funds and private businesses providing healthcare programmes to their customers and employees. Its services include consultancy, visitation and guidance in our call centres as well as physiological and psychological treatments. Through its employee healthcare programmes, Falck Healthcare helps reduce costs related to sickness-related absence and incapacity for work.

For further information, please contact Falck’s Communications Department on tel. +45 7022 0307.

Falck is a leading international provider of ambulance and healthcare services. For more than a century, Falck has worked with local and national governments to prevent accidents, diseases and emergency situations, to rescue and assist people in emergencies quickly and competently and to rehabilitate people after illness or injury.

Falck operates in 35 countries and has more than 32,000 employees.