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Falck going electric in London

Press release   •   Dec 18, 2019 07:00 UTC

By 2025 the Mayor of London plans to expand the zero emissions zones throughout the city. To meet this deadline, Falck has already begun testing electric patient transportation.

Falck Ambulance UK is committed to delivering ambulance services as sustainably as possible; limiting carbon footprint where possible. Falck Ambulance UK has begun testing electric Patient Transport Services (PTS) in London with an ambitious new trial of a fully electric PTS vehicle testing its ability to safely, effectively and comfortably deliver a full PTS day shift.

“We are delighted to say that the results of the trials were positive, and we are now looking at how we can work with our clients in NHS (National Health Service) to explore developing a network of charging stations,” says James Graydon, Director at Falck Ambulance UK.

He is very keen on the new electric vehicles.

“As well as being a more sustainable option, the vehicles also offer an improved patient experience due to their silent, smooth and comfortable ride,” explains James Graydon.

Important step for patient health
With this trial, Falck Ambulance UK is committed to demonstrating that electric vehicles can form a practical and effective part of its fleet strategy both in London and nationwide.

“We are proud to be taking the lead in developing solutions for the future of our industry, our patients and the environment,” says James Graydon.

“This is a really important step forward to support the health of patients by reducing emissions around hospitals, but also supporting the wider health of the London population and the environment. With the widening of the ULEZ and the Mayor’s plans for a zero emissions zone for 2025, Falck are determined to be at the forefront of this technology and not just to talk about it, but to be using it.”

The tests will continue, and Falck hopes to have electric PTS vehicles as a fully integrated part of the operational fleet well in time for the Mayor’s 2025 deadline.

Falck has already electric PTS vehicles as part of its operation in Copenhagen serving the Danish Capital Region and its citizens.

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