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Topdanmark expands road side assistance contract with Falck

News   •   Apr 26, 2018 07:08 UTC

Insurance company Topdanmark prolongs and expands their contract on “Tophjælp” with Falck. From May 1st, Falck will handle Topdanmark’s customers from the second they call until their problems are solved. Going forward, Falck will also handle emergency calls from Topdanmark’s customers and satellite surveillance of expensive vehicles.

Up until today, Topdanmark’s customers have called Topdanmark 24-Hour Service when needing road side assistance. Topdanmark 24-Hour Service then called Falck. From May 1st, customer calls go directly to Falck, who has the overview of nearby available assistance and is able to make an agreement with the customer on when to deliver the assistance.

In addition to the contract, Falck will take over satellite surveillance of expensive cars and visitation of emergency calls beyond opening hours for all customer segments (rehousing, water damage, fire damage, etc.).

Executive Vice President at Topdanmark, Erik Adrian says:

- Topdanmark’s own Day Service has delivered great customer experiences all year around, and the same goes for Falck when they have delivered help to our customers on the road. With this new agreement, Falck will take care of customers from the call for help until the problem is solved. Falck has a lot of experience with such a set-up, and I believe that this is more smooth and efficient, without compromising the customer experience.

Executive Vice President at Falck Assistance, Lars Vester Pedersen says:
- We see it as a genuine sign of confidence from Topdanmark that they have now given us responsibility for handling calls from their customers. It is very positive and important for Falck that we have been able to establish such a strong and trustful partnership with Topdanmark.